Print story Matra MS80 - The Stewart Supremacy

Red Bull RB6 The Red Bull Rises
The first of four world championship winning cars from Red Bull and Renault this is, in my mind, the nicest looking one, with it's Adrian Newey shrink wrapped bodywork!
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Motor Racing Milestones: Sebastian Vettel became the youngest ever F1 World Champion in the RB6 on November 14th 2010. He had not led the championship points standings at any point in the year until completing the last race, a feat also accomplished by James Hunt in 1976

The double diffuser design of the RB6 was according to Adrian Newey “probably the car with the most downforce in the history of F1, more even than the legendary spoiler cars of the 1980s. We measured up to 5.5G of lateral acceleration. . . It could go flat out through Copse at Silverstone”

he graphics on the RB6 lead the eye to the diffuser area at the back, so I have suggested CFD style visualisations emerging back into the airstream behind the rear wing.