the art of ruddell

My photography follows the trial and error method, a lot of the early stuff being done without even light meters.

I am particularly obsessed with shooting into the light and messing about with time exposures for night shots, or depth of field in low light.

the end of a great day . . after driving up from Rio de Janeiro I had spent the day looking round Brasilia and took this as the sun was going down behind the National Congress . .

the Brazilian National Congress, just part of the city's amazing architecture by Oscar Niemeyer

the Palácio da Alvorada, the President's palace.

leaving the South of Brasil on a Tuesday morning to fly NW to the Amazon basin, it was a great morning, drinking cafezino in the departure lounge watching the sun rise on the mountains while my ex-colleagues slaved away at their drawing boards . . .

The Amazon Basin - an immense flatness, as far as the eye can see . . .

about to land on the road beyond Boca do Acre " what - there's no airstrip?" the pilot asked

just before the Boca do Acre landing we circle round over the forest . . .

the rain hammers down after lunch and brings welcome chance to cool off a bit . . .

a pretty normal day on the Transamazonica Highway after the afternoon rains . . .

trying to see if there's any game worth capturing ( ie shooting ) up in the high branches. . .

after the afternoon's tropical downpour the sun breaks out below the clouds - awesome

southernmost beach of Africa - Dias beach at the Cape of Good Hope - all is calm . . .

across the bay from Table Mountain and Capetown . . .

a perfect autumn evening behind Table Mountain - the Constantia area . . .

taking a short cut on the way back from the famous Cango Caves - I thought the road disappeared on the map because it was of a small scale; wrong, it just stopped and became a dirt track, that got gradually narrower . . .

my first experience of driving in the USA, in a friend's station wagon, with a manual gear shift, in the rain, in downtown Philadelphia. . .

typical San Franscisco weather on the Golden Gate bridge . . coastal mist

Sunday morning at the Grand Canyon's North Rim Lodge, where a small interdemoninational worship service took place overlooking the spectacular view.

later that morning: contemplating the meaning of life on the North Rim's Widforss Trail . . .

joining a small group of people at Cape Royal, watching in awed silence at sunset!

the end of a perfect day as the light goes amongst the multi layered canyons of the North Rim

just another spectacular morning in Yosemite Valley, Bridal Veil falls just visible in the early morning mist . .

Vernal Falls, on the Merced River: where thousands of gallons of water plunge 317 feet to the pool below

after heading out the back of Yosemite Valley, over the Tioga Pass - a small one horse town in the Sierra Nevada on the way to Lake Tahoe

early morning in the Black Forest getting ready for another day on the slopes

old school ski-ing: a coach, which pulled a trailer full of skis, and a local guesthouse to eat in at night

I always liked this picture . . descending carefully through the Schwarzwald at the end of a week's ski-ing - the tint of the coach windscreen gives the colour to the top half of the picture

an autumn day in Little Falls, a quiet backwater in Minnesota

September sunset over The Mississippi just outside Little Falls

Sand Creek bridge, one of my favourite spots on the Aman Indian Trail near Grand Rapids . . .

on Michigan Avenue, heading out of Grand Rapids towards the lake. . . my standard evening or week-end practice when working in this mid-west town.

Lake Michigan in March - sand and snow, and a beach to yourself . . . just the faint whiff of woodsmoke from the cliff top condos

same beach at Grand Haven in September, and still nobody about . . . .

Hallowed Ground . . the CDI offices on East Beltline where the DesignConcept3D software was written in the early 90s . . . .

snow and morning sun at the Residence Inn on East Beltline in Grand Rapids as I head out for a normal day at the office . .

deep snow in Grand Rapids, but this is the US of A and life goes on without any hold ups or dramas . .

driving into Detroit from Ann Arbor for the Silicon Graphics launch of the Indigo 2. Classified as the person who had travelled the farthest for the launch ( from England ) I won an sgi T-Shirt . .

a short walk round the hotel before breakfast . . . on the Hotel Queen Mary in Long Beach . .

poking round the lunar landing module at the Kennedy Space Centre . .

the Internation Space Station production line at the Kennedy Space Centre . .

the old days at Birmingham airport when you could stand outside a few metres away from arriving aircraft . . and sniff the aviation fuel . .

looking around the buildings in the Chiang Kai-shek plaza . . in the centre of Taipei, Taiwan

the Grand Hotel, Taipei

my room in the Grand Hotel - with tropical foliage outside the balcony . .

Seoul's National Palace. .

torrential downpour in the middle of Seoul in South Korea . .

a "sitting on the floor" style business lunch in Seoul . . . it was a killer on my European legs . .

gazing out of a Seoul hotel window - I was actually watching the agent until he went round the corner. I had just spent an hour haggling over the terms of a maintenance contract while the bar musicians ( inset ) were trying to distract me by playing South American jazz . . .

back in the UK - a quiet autumn day at Westonbirt Arboretum

damp and misty - the light comes from the colour of the leaves . .

using a tripod to get a long low light exposure . .

France . . the roads are superb, the sun is always shining and everything stops for lunch

France . . the gentle mountains of Provence emerge through the morning mist near Castellane

summer's morning in the Dordogne, the mist usually heralds another scorching day

I've done that much driving in France there's even a rest stop named after me . .

getting well down the A61 past Toulouse . . you really feel that you are putting some miles on the clock when you get this far towards the Mediterranean . .

located amongst the Botanical forest, Castell Beach is reached by a small country road that's not on the map

struggling on through the long afternoon . . .near Castell Beach

the locals having lunch in the shade at Castell . . .

Llafranc: heading down for a swim across the bay before breakfast with Hannah

the Costa Brava: the forgotten coast. Don't tell anyone . . its nice . .

Kefalonia: driving along the western mountains we spotted Assos in the distance, a sleepy little fishing village

mid morning coffee by the water's edge in Assos - life can be such a strain . .

back to the West Midlands - just above the clouds and about to land.