the art of ruddell

the interview

Who is your favourite designer right now? (art, fashion or car)

Adrian Newey – he races Ford GT40s and still designs with a pencil on a drawing board – I can relate to that, ( his most recent design is this year's stealth liveried F1 Red Bull RB12)

where is the most inspiring place you have ever been to?

The Kennedy Space Centre, especially the Apollo building. Not only does it preserve the spirit of those amazing years, when “what is possible” was re-defined, but everyone who works there still seems touched by its magic.

what has been the biggest challenge you have faced in design last year?

Balancing the amount of time available with the amount of input needed to achieve the end result, and yet still be true to the original creative vision.

what is your favourite word?

Icon - its very graphical looking and is still a fairly under used word.

do you feel like you are currently on course, headed down the right road in your work?

Yes pretty much so, I think I am in my emerging period, developing new skills and building on existing skills, both in illustrative work, IT and computer modelling.

who challenges you creatively?

The automotive artists – Hector Luis Bergandi, Peter Hutton, Craig Warwick to name but a few - they are just much too good!

If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?

Probably on the Costa Brava coast in northern Spain

What is the greatest photograph you've ever taken?

Probably the night shot of the arriving British Airways Viscount at Elmdon airport in 1978 – the settings were all guesswork, but the picture has great colour and sharpness and reminds me of the noise and smell every time I look at it.

What was the last thing that you laughed at?

Probably Joel Stein’s column in TIME Magazine. eg "Per hour of entertainment, there is nothing cheaper than a book . . . except everything on the Internet"!

Do you worry about age?/looks?

As I am roughly the same weight as I was 30 years ago I don’t worry too much although it would be nice to look like I did then . . . regarding my age I worry that there is less and less time available to achieve all I want to do, although I am encouraged by people like Enzo Ferrari who didn’t start manufacturing motor cars until he was in his 50s and then did it successfully for over 40 years.

Cliff was talking to Hannah Ruddell, Fine Art graduate from Leeds Metropolitan University