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3D Scanning

Most manufacturing processes today work from Digital Prototypes. I can offer Reverse Engineering using data capture and 3D NURBS Surface Creation:

3D Scanning with the FLASHPOINT 5000 Digitiser:

  • Infra-Red Technology
  • Fast, Portable and easy to deploy on-site.
  • Mean Accuracy - volumetric 0.2mm
  • Scanning on-site or off-site, data output as:
    XYZ Cross Sections; NURBS Surfaces
    DXF/IGES file format

There are a couple of aspects of this scanning/modelling solution that promote it from being competent to being really outstanding: first, the ability to see the scan in 3D model space as you are scanning ( see below ) and secondly, the cloud surfacing tools that enable smooth surfacing through non uniform shapes such as the car seat foam above.