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3D Surface Creation with DesignConcept3D:

  • Raster > Vector conversion of 2D drawings into 2D geometry
  • 2D > 3D Curve creation - projection of 2D curves into 3D splines
  • CAD models produced can be used in the following ways:
    - form the basis for CNC machining
    - raytraced photorealistic image creation
    - solid models for Finite Element Analysis
  • - CAD output as plotted drawings - 3D archive data for shape reference
3D surface models can be constructed "in fresh air" by manipulating surface point data, or they can be generated from edge profiles, or they can be formed using cloud surfacing where the software will "pull" the surface to match scan data.

With the last method there is the option to resolve surfaces to a specified tolerance from the scan data, or to "smooth out" the surfaces should the scan contain unwanted irregularities, cracks or gaps.