Tazio Nuvolari's Alfa P3 Art Print

Alfa Romeo P3 Tipo B Monoposto.
Campofelice, one of the locations in the 1930 Targo Florio, provides the backdrop for my rendering of the Alfa Romeo P2 and P3 Grand Prix cars as Vittorio Jano watches on.
What's the print story?

Young Achille Varzi thunders through Campofelice on his way to win the eventful 1930 Targo Florio, in the Alfa P2

37 years later a GT40 passes the same spot – not much has changed!!

Sitting on a bench in Valentino Park, maybe the one Enzo Ferrari sat on in 1921 when he discoveredthat Fiat would no longer employ him.

Motor Racing Milestones: • The first car ever to wear the Scuderia Ferrari emblem was the Alfa P3. • Both the Alfa P2 and the Alfa P3, designed by ex-Fiat designer Vittorio Jano, won their first races – no mean feat as grand prix were over 5 hours long in those days!!