McLaren M6A Print Story

McLaren M6A The McLaren M6A limited edition print is a mixed
media work: the cars in the picture are my normal tradition - magic marker and pastel, but everything else is painted in watercolour, with the text added afterwards in Photoshop.
What's the print story?

Little is known about the “Flower Power McLaren Engines” stickers found on the M6A’s engine cam covers, but 1967 was in the midst of the flower power era . . the events flyers confirm this!!

Motor Racing Milestones: The McLaren M6A won on its debut, Denny Hulme setting a blistering pace and for the 200 miles averaging104mph!! The car won the next 4 races as well and ushered in domination of the Can Am series for the next 5 years, that became know as “The Bruce and Denny Show”!

The M6A was designed by Bruce McLaren, Robin Herd, Don Beresford and Tyler Alexander Tested famously without bodywork at Goodwood, as early as June 1967, it’s development program benefited from BRM’s delay in supplying Bruce V-12 engines for his F1 car!!

Final colour matching and checking for my print production at Image IT Daventry, Giclée Print Bureau extraordinaire! Thanks for all your help!!

The Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Ltd badge was always going to appear somewhere in my picture, and I’ve used it to host a lot of key names from the team, and from the 1967 Can Am Season.