the art of ruddell

I am still going through old boxes of 35mm transparencies that were consigned to the waste bin around 1985, so I don't know the story behind a lot of these pictures. However for those of us who worked there . . they tell their own story!!

GEC Block from the staff car park . . not many foreign cars to be seen . .

The Body Drawing Office before the working day commenced, during the long hot summer of 1976 . . .

hard at work on an XJ-S door casing drawing . . I still use that pencil, set square and file (by the window sill for sharpening). .

hectic times in the Body Drawing Office, you know who you are . .

lunch time interlude in the Body Drawing Office . .

as pointed out in a recent Classic Jaguar you can have any colour as long as it's white . . what!!? . .

I vauguely remember this ramp thing, turns out it was the inspection ramp situated outside road test. Thanks John Heninghem for the info . .

at last some other colours . . protective panels can be seen protecting the front wings

the car finally has its wheels and looks to be nearing completion, as it inches along the moving track.

this must be in the 70s, a product line up on the (yet to be opened) Kenilworth By-Pass (A46)

Jaguar Photographic took countless amazing photos over the years but these two are among of my favourites!!

created with a long exposure, with the lens zoomed at the last second, as far as I remember!!

looking clean and tidy, the automated V-12 cylinder head line in 60 Shop

so you thought robotic cages were a recent innovation . . . this is the early 70s

V-12 cylinder head line from a different angle

A view across the car park from outside the original Styling Studio door . . .

master craftsman Ken Boulton looks at the clay model of the XJ41 . . the Helfet-Young-Ruddell display on the wall was completed late into the evening the night before being presented to Michael Edwardes in 1980

it's a clear, sunny morning: usually a sign that Bob Blake would come to work in his Ferrari Daytona, which he rebuilt by hand . . .

Bill Jones and Iain Young look ready for the day in the new Browns Lane Studio . . my full size XJ40 rendering still lurks amongst the rafters

struggling on in the new studio ... dreaming of new and futuristic Daimler DS420s!! Alas they were never to be: production of the DS420 ceased in 1992 after 4116 cars had been built.

a staged colour and trim picture that I organised; Norman Davies and Colin Holtum look at a headrest

clay modeller Martin Brough scanning the XK41 clay with the Stiefelmayer digitiser

photographer Mick Cann checks trim samples. These few photos were part of a careers presentation we used to give to school leavers about design. We then showed them round the assembly lines and gave them a spin in a Jaguar!! Those were the days . .

home-time at the Styling Studio door, located on the back corner of the Experimental Block

Stuart Spencer and the Rally Opel Manta - note the camouflaged XJ40s in the Jaguar experimental car park - this is around 1985. The windows at the top right of the picture are the original Styling Studio

" just listen to your designers Knight " . . . Sir William talks to Bob Knight, with Doug Thorpe in the background during a car park viewing of the XJ40 clay

The A-Team outside the main block at Browns Lane: a young looking John Egan and John Edwards!!

Foudroyé par une attaque cérébrale au lendemain de sa cinquantaine en juillet 1999, cet hédoniste est parti en laissant un style Jaguar expressif et revigoré. Il en avait la responsabilité depuis 1984.
from Automobiles Classiques September 1999

Rogue's Gallery - Styling team after the move to Whitley . . Well done Stuart for excavating the heating pipes in the roof space to get the photographers onto the roof!!
from CAR STYLING September 1999

nice picture of the Series III - yes they did have a back to front No. plate . . . image would be reversed for the European brochures I assume!!

a bit of evening speed at the A45-Allesley By Pass roundabout . .

three examples of high speed transport . .

I don't know who this development driver is, but I want his job!!

Richard Cresswell at full chat on the M.I.R.A. banking in the XJ25 ( Series III E-Type )

rare photo of the XJ6 development program on the leafy tracks of Clun Forest Shropshire, Richard Cresswell at the wheel. This is development car XJ4/3

Richard in XJ4/3 again, fully under control on opposite lock at M.I.R.A.

Richard Cresswell driving XJ4/4 on the Pave at M.I.R.A. The first 4.2litre car, the bonnet, pre production bulge, needed cutting away for clearance!!. Alan Davies in the co-pilot's seat

Ha! 611 DU spotted on the way back from M.I.R.A. maybe that very evening!! We salute you Mr Router for the fast camera work . . but don't do it again!!

back on the M.I.R.A. Pave this time with the XJ-S. We are uncertain who the driver is . .

XK6 interior beauty, one of the marketing images. Not sure who the model is . .

plently of space for lounging in the XJ6C . .

the way things were!! the latest in hi-tech . . the 8 track stereo!

XJ-S getaway car . .

The end of a perfect day.

Keep watching . . . there's plenty more boxes to dig through yet!!!!